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Pathologists Lancet Kenya Confirm Mwende Musunga As CEO


Pathologists Lancet Kenya has confirmed the appointment of Ms. Mwende Musunga as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Pathologists Lancet Kenya.

Ms. Musunga will lead a team of 400 + employees across East Africa, delivering quality diagnoses for patients in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda. She will also oversee the growth strategy across the region, where Pathologists Lancet Kenya aims to increase access to quality diagnostic care by expanding its network.

Announcing this appointment after the board meeting, the Chair to the Board of Directors Mr. Stéphane Carré reinforced the belief and support the organization has in Ms. Musunga, stating that this move is in tandem with Pathologists Lancet Kenya ambition to be the leading pathologist’s laboratory in the region.

“We are delighted to confirm the appointment of Ms. Musunga as the managing director who will continue to lead the company. She has demonstrated that she has the necessary expertise and fortitude to take Pathologists Lancet Kenya through transformation & into our next growth phase. Under her leadership, we will be able to widen our network, catering to more patients and partnering with more hospitals, increasing access to quality and affordable tests, and consequently improving the healthcare of the communities we serve,” said Mr. Carré.

Pathologists Lancet Kenya is part of Cerba Lancet Africa, a leading network of clinical pathology and medical diagnosis laboratories in Africa.

Commenting on her appointment, Ms. Musunga said, “I look forward to the journey that lays ahead. Pathologists Lancet Kenya is a leading brand that has the widest network of pathologists in East Africa, offering quality and affordable diagnoses. My goal is to ensure that we maintain and grow our positive brand offering as we drive innovation & changes within our organization, to reach more people across East Africa. I am honoured to work with leading pathologists, with whom, we will contribute to the strengthening of our healthcare systems.”

As a leading diagnostic laboratory in East Africa, Pathologists Lancet Kenya is banking on a strengthened leadership team with deep market knowledge and expertise to drive uptake of its services, across the region.

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