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Cerba HealthCare CSR Strategy

At Cerba HealthCare, we believe that corporate social responsibility is inherent in our commitment to advancing health and patient care. Aligned with our business, CSR also takes shape in the areas of human capital, business ethics and respect for the environment.

Advancing diagnosis is advancing health, this profound conviction leads us to explore the infinitely small, rallying our combined expertise to favour the emergence of a diagnosis, contribute to treatment efficacy and promote prevention: clinical pathology, imaging, clinical trial pathology, anatomical pathology, genetics... We channel all our skills into meeting the needs of the medical communities and populations and into evolving our policies towards increased prevention.

As a healthcare player, the Cerba HealthCare mission has historically been one of the common good. A commitment that has progressively grown to encompass the various facets of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Because whatever the form, committing to a sustainable planet is now everyone’s responsibility. For Cerba HealthCare, this commitment comes with two profound convictions: it must maintain a strong link with our business and its values and take the form of specific actions.

CSR Strategy

To find out more about Cerba HealthCare CSR approach:

The sobriety plan of the Cerba HealthCare Group

The Sobriety Plan is part of the Cerba Group 's "CSR Road Map" initiatives: the plan was created with the aim of reducing the environmental impact generated by consumption  through the adoption of virtuous and responsible behaviour.  As a group we intend to keep waste at bay.

Green logistics , dematerialization of reports , energy consumption efficiency and the fight against waste represent some of the initiatives and best practices that the Group is implementing in collaboration with its patients. "Because caring for the environment means protecting the health of our patients!"  

Sobriety plan


Preserve the Planet

Preserve the Planet

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