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Digital and Pricing Officer


Kampala Uganda

About the position

Position Summary:

  • To establish and maintain relationships with existing and prospective clients on behalf of Lancet using digital resources
  • Participate in Price development and Update.
  • Developing and implementing effective communication strategies.
  • Managing internal and external communications.
  • Enhancing and maintaining brand identity.
  • Processing of Bid and Tender documents.
  • Manage and continuously update the website.
  • Maintain accurate documentation including company publications and design documents.


    The post holder reports to the Sales & Marketing Manager. The post holder does not have direct reporting staff. The position interacts with various stakeholders both internal and external (clients, vendors and patients)



  • Contributes to planning and development of the digital marketing strategy as part of the Lancet marketing strategy
  • Custodian of all social media handles
  • Custodian of the social media policy and ensure that members of the organization adhere to it by having by annual training and sensitization
  • Together with immediate manager role holder is responsible for planning and controlling the digital marketing budget and spending by allocation budgets to different channels
  • Develops and maintains Lancet’s social media presence across all platforms and keeps them updated
  • Reviewing and optimizing the design and content of all online assets including the company website and social media page
  • Actively designs activities that would increase the organizations online presence across all platforms as per the targets that are set out
  • Measuring & reporting on the performance of the all-digital campaigns as well as various analytics
  • Provide weekly reports to line manager to ensure progress is evaluated and tracked
  • Scans the digital environment to identify trends, insights and best practice and use this insights to secure downloads and improve customer engagement
  • Ensures the website is regularly updated
  • Liaise with website developer to implement changes to the website, ensure back-ups plus continuous enhancements and maintenance
  • Actively maintains customer relations through online customer engagement by answering queries, dealing with online customer complaints and compliments and sharing relevant information to the concerned department through email and sms
  • Participates in crisis management as a result of negative online publicity, by flagging any -ve feedback or misinformation to senior management for deliberation, direction and action

Content creation & distribution

  • Comes up with original and creative marketing materials by developing concepts, graphics designs and layouts that aid in promoting brand visibility. e.g Banners, brochures front office communication etc.
  • Plays a role in ensuring that new tests and products have the necessary content and marketing materials and that these are distributed to the Client Relation Officers
  • Distribution of all organization collaterals
  • Plays the role of newsletter administrator for both internal & external audiences by ensuring timely production of newsletters also ensures they circulate in a timely manner.
  • Custodian of all company communication including brochures, flier’s newsletter and ensures their distribution across all across all sites and functions
  • Develop, plan and execute internal communication campaigns


  • Ensure brand image is maintained across all sites
  • Ensure the brand guideline are maintain in the organization
  • Plan and publicize organizations activities with the aim of building brand image
  • Collaborate with agencies and other vendors to implement the company marketing strategy
  • Gathering specific needs from organizations laboratory sites in relation to branding and marketing materials.
  • Client liaison and maintaining a positive image of the organization to ensure retention and growth of customers.
  • Lead desktop publisher on behalf of the company and acts as intermediary between company and any external publishers for company material.
  • Acts as a back-up to the printing coordination for assistance


  • Coordinate pricing components of Marketing Division
  • Conduct Competitor pricing analytics
  • Processing of bid and tender documentation
  • Develop price packages for projects and Contract clients.

Other responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with other to roll out the various digital strategies.
  • Ensure the Lancet Uganda website is regularly updated.
  • Liaise with Group website developer to implement changes to the website, ensure back-ups plus
  • continuous enhancements and maintenance for Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda
  • Developing concepts, graphics and layout for social media and website.
  • Perform any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the department’s head.


  • Laptop
  • Printer
  • Telephone


  • Collaborator
  • E-mail
  • HRIS
  • Intranet
  • Meditech


Due to the nature of the job, the post holder, should be able to work collaboratively with various stakeholders both internal and external. Make operational decisions on issues within Digital Marketing, except where such decisions have financial and/or corporate risk in which case the approval of the line manager must be sought.

The post holder would typically take instructions from the line Manager on matters relating to strategic and team objectives, work instructions and standard operating procedures.


  • Abnormal work hours and the need to be available\accessible 24/7 to deal with customer complaints.
  • Dealing with irate customers, exposure to verbal aggression by the customer


  • Own team
  • External Clients
  • Internal Clients


  • Bachelor’s degree in business and Information Technology
  • Diploma in Graphics Design


  • 5 years’ Experience


  • Computer Literate
  • Laboratory information systems
  • Marketing and sales knowledge
  • Client Relations
  • Graphics Design
  • Basic IT knowledge


  • ability to manage crises and conflicts.
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • To be vigilant and take timeous corrective action.
  • Ability to work in a pressured environment
  • Ability to handle clients
  • Attention to detail
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Results driven
  • To be highly resilient and maintain a positive self-image

Interested applicants should submit their Application, CV, certified ID copy and qualifications to: